Will Reid

Education Program Manager, SYNNEX Corp

Will Reid was the former Chief Technology Officer for the Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD), one of the largest school districts in Arkansas. Reid was at the helm of all Information Technology and Instructional Technology (IT) efforts for the district and its 37 schools, 17,000-plus students and 2,500 staff members. A member of the district’s top leadership team and the superintendent’s cabinet, he oversaw a staff of 27 professionals and managed a budget of more than $4.2 million.

Reid directed a dozen departments, including Project Management, Student Information Systems, Instructional Technology, Telecommunications, Web Development, Audio Visual, IT purchasing and Standard Information Technology groups. This includes Desktop Support, Network Operations and the Help desk. Reid successfully rolled out a 1:1 iPad/Chromebook initiative, a project now in its sixth year, that has put take-home devices in the hands of all PCSSD’s students.

Additionally, he transitioned that effort into a School of Innovation. That initiative, aptly named DRIVEN: A School of Opportunity, was a complete transformation of the way students were taught in PCSSD, offering them concurrent credit and career skills and a virtual school to ensure they are ready for college or the workforce after graduation.

Prior to being promoted to CTO for PCSSD in 2012, Reid was the district’s IT project manager. He was recruited to PCSSD in 2010 from Texas, where he had worked since 2000 as an IT director for the 36,000-student Texas Tech University – the sixth-largest university in the state. There, his focus was on directing Desktop Support and aiding faculty, staff and students with all computer, software and network needs. He also championed the successful 1:1 laptop program in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

12 - 1 PM EDT

Tuesday, August 4

Panel: Education from Here: How will the Present Impact the Future

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have had to make major adjustments in not only their delivery of content, but also their class scheduling. Because of social distancing standards, schools are having to rely on technology more than they ever have and many students will be attending school from home or at the very least part-time. Schools will have to prepare to send students home in a moment’s notice should another outbreak occur. With the increased use of technology, students getting used to working from home and potentially massive budget shortfalls in the future, we will discuss how this new blended/virtual environment might impact the future of school for not only students, but teachers and districts as well.


Panelists Include:

  • Jeff Shapiro, Director of I.T. at David Posnack Jewish School
  • Michael G. Timpone, Assistant Principal at Palm Beach County School District
  • Rhonda Couey Brisson, Assistant Principal at Jaega Middle School (School District of Palm Beach)