Diana “DiLou” Ide

CO-CEO of Nyborg, Senior Research & Development Chemist for Bama-BioTech

Nyborg's motto is "We are Weird Science"

This covers a broad spectrum that not only focuses on the objective of developing and manufacturing equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry; it also ties in multiple scientific disciplines expanding the why and how manufacturing and tech companies can continue to shape the future.

Not a stranger to business management, as CO-CEO, Diana leads the company using expertise in business management, analytics and tests the weird in science by adding her experience in R & D and analytical chemistry, predictive and prescriptive data analysis, behavioral science and tons of all kinds of science and mathematics.

At Bama-Bio Tech, Diana is aiding this emerging company to get newer advanced health and safety products to the market. As the Sr. R & D Chemist, she’s formulated newly advanced exclusive liquid gel hand sanitizers, and is currently formulating top secret pain and anxiety health and nutritional products.

1 - 2 PM EDT

Thursday, August 13

Health & Safety: Science!

A scientific approach to encourage and change behaviors that support health and safety. With increasing new health routines such as washing hands more, hand sanitizer use, wearing face masks, social distancing and limiting contact with almost everything–how do you educate others to increase health safety around you?

From a Scientist’s perspective, I hope to provide some insight into the following:

- Brief explanation of Covid19 from a scientific position
- Understanding the why behind the current routines currently urged for the public to follow
- Brief overview of scientific process and how it applies to the current situation
- Brief introduction to behavior change and neuroscience
- Goal: creating behavior change that leads to repeatable actions and healthier habits
- A few methods to acquire the tools to educate and influence behavior change