Dr. Sonny Magana

CEO, Magana Education

Dr. Sonny Magana is an Oxford Research Scholar, award-winning educational leader, best-selling author, and musician. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, education consultant, and executive coach. Drawing inspiration from his love of Rock & Roll music and innovative teaching and learning, Sonny’s latest book, "Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education," has become a must-read for modern educators and leaders.

Dr. Magana is a recipient of the prestigious Milken Family Foundation National Educator, Award, The Governor’s Commendation for Educational Excellence, and The Global Innovative Leadership Award from EdTech Digest. Sonny holds a bachelor of science degree from Stockton University, a master of education degree from City University, an educational administration endorsement, and a doctorate in educational leadership from Seattle University.

1 - 2 PM EDT

Monday, August 3

Welcome Keynote: The 5 Principles of Cyber Schooling

In 1995 EdTech pioneer Dr. Sonny Magana predicted the need for a research-driven approach to online learning, and so he created and served as the principal of the first Cyber School in his home state of Washington. Designed to help at-risk high school students thrive in the 21st Century, Dr. Magana's Cyber School model has been meeting students' learning needs for the past 25 years without interruption. The Cyber School was the subject of a multi-year research study to determine the most reliable methods for online learning. In this virtual keynote session, Dr. Magana will share the 5 Principles of Cyber Schooling synthesized from his research findings.

12 - 1 PM ET

Thursday, August 6

Best Practices for Virtual Teaching: The T3 EduProtocols Cyber Lab

Education has changed drastically in a very short time. Most teachers don’t have experience as Cyber Learners yet have been forced to take on the role of Cyber Teacher. It’s as though we’re asking teachers to be lifeguards when they don’t yet know how to swim. The T3 EduProtocols Cyber Lab was designed build teachers’ capacity as Cyber Learners so they can become masterful Cyber Teachers. Compounding evidence shows that the strategies in the T3 Framework reliably double student learning. The T3 EduProtocols are concrete lesson frames that leverage the power of Google Suite tools to accelerate student achievement. In this interactive session, participants will be introduced to the T3 EduProtocols and will learn how to access the guidance and resources in Cyber Lab to achieve explosive student learning in any environment.