Dr. Edward Tse

VP of Customer Engagement, NUITEQ

Dr. Edward Tse believes that creative learning is the key to jobs in a world of automation. He holds over 50 utility and design patent filings and is the primary inventor of the first MultiTouch Table Product for Education. He delivers keynotes, podcasts, and panels to raise awareness of global work trends. His YouTube channel was awarded the 2018 Global EdTech Leader from the Edvocate and his whitepapers deliver new ways of motivating skill development. As VP of Customer Engagement at NUITEQ, Dr. Tse co-develops strategies that deliver sustainable improvements to engagement, grades, course completion, and job skills.

2 - 3 PM EDT

Wednesday, August 5

Keynote: Creative learning transforms your class without big investments

In this sessions, find out how creative learning transforms your class without requiring big investments of time and training.

12 - 1 PM EDT

Thursday, August 13

Resilient Education: District and Ministry secrets YOU need to know!

ANXIOUS about in-person and distance learning?
Want to know WHY your district or education ministry isn't clear about their plans?
Want to know what is going to happen with curriculum and evaluation?
Take back control with these closed door secrets revealed by Districts and Global Ministries of Education!
See YOUR ideas implemented at scale by being the Trusted Advisor to Administration.
Dr. Ed will answer your questions live. You don't want to miss this opportunity!