Jennifer Hood

Bilingual Training Specialist, Clear Touch

Jennifer comes with 13 years of experience in the classroom. She has a B.A. in Spanish and International Business Management from The University of South Carolina and a Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign Languages from The University of South Carolina. In 2013, Jennifer achieved National Board Certification in Early Childhood Education. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and is passionate about using technology in the classroom to enhance student learning.

During her career, she served on the Immersion Leadership Team and was the lead immersion teacher at her school. Jennifer was a frequent presenter for the South Carolina Foreign Language Teacher’s Association and the Southern Conference on Language teaching, presenting on topics such as integrating literacy strategies in the immersion classroom and ways to use data notebooks to set and track student goals. Jennifer was involved in curriculum writing for Science and Math and she helped design Integrated Performance Assessments for grades K-5 in Spanish. Over the course of her teaching career, she has served as a mentor for many aspiring teachers from local universities as well as for new teachers in her district.

Through her mentoring experience, Jennifer discovered her passion for training other teachers in the effective use of technology to enhance their teaching and enrich the students’ learning. She believes that all teachers can integrate technology in their classrooms in a way that works for them. Jennifer is a dedicated listener who seeks to meet the needs of her clients by developing specialized training that is relevant for their unique situation.

11 AM - 12 PM EDT

Tuesday, August 4

Creating a Community and Fostering Connection Through Distance Learning: A Toolkit for the New Paradigm

Facing a new educational landscape, many teachers are grappling with the unique challenges of the virtual environment.  As a former teacher who spent 15 years in a variety of classroom settings, creating a community and fostering relationships was always a strength of mine.  In the midst of teaching an online language class for the first time, I became aware of the profound need to connect with my students, despite the virtual barrier.  Through researching methods for cultivating connection with students in distance learning scenarios, I created a toolkit of strategies and turnkey resources to share with you.  In this session, we will discuss ways to maintain the joy of creating lasting relationships with your students in any distance learning setting.

11 AM - 12 PM EDT

Thursday, August 13

Solutions and resources for synchronous and asynchronous distance education, the flipped classroom and blended learning (En español)

This presentation will be delivered in Spanish.

En nuestro mundo educativo cambiante, los educadores se enfrentan con el reto de captar el interés de sus alumnos dentro del ambiente de la educación a distancia.  Si sea un entorno de aprendizaje a distancia completo sincrónico o asincrónico, la clase invertida, o un entorno de aprendizaje mixto, tengo soluciones para compartir que le ayudarán a lograr sus metas y construir relaciones con sus estudiantes.  Se presenta en Español.


In our ever changing educational landscape, teachers are faced with the challenge of engaging their students in distance learning environments.  Whether it will be in a full distance synchronous or asynchronous learning environment, a flipped classroom, or a blended learning setting, I have solutions to share that will help you meet your goals and build relationships with your students.  This presentation will be delivered in Spanish.