Kyle Duford

Agency Director, The Brand Leader

A former magazine editor-turned-digital maestro, Kyle is obsessed with all things online. As an expert in onsite optimization, email marketing, and digital brand growth, Kyle has successfully grown the online divisions of many well-known brands, most recently surging online sales for Dr. Martens by increasing the web channel 38% year-over-year. He’s also re-platformed many websites to be industry-leading sites, such as Chrome Industries, Hlaska, Nau, and more — even earning an Honoree Webby Award in the process for Best Practices along the way for Speck. His ability to massage the work of copywriters and art directors into a cohesive style and tone, and then mix it with the right audience and add a dash of sales is why Entrepreneur magazine once said of him, “[he has] made a career of growing online sales.”

2 - 3 PM EDT

Thursday, August 6

Marketing: Your personal brand

When it comes to a personal brand, your students, colleagues, and mentors all have one. It's why Kyle remembers his 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Tannery so well — his brand was memorable. Learn how to craft your own message in a new world to engage students and gather a following that will change students' lives forever.